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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you can request a demo app then get your fully customized solution

On-Demand Home Services, Business Listing, Booking Application

Complete solution using flutter framework created by Google is open-source mobile application development. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications

Our solution uses Laravel (PHP Framework for Web Artisans) Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.

Customer Mobile App Features

  • Multiple Service Providers with their Management System
  • Classified businesses & Services.
  • Geolocation & Google Maps address picker.
  • Live chat between customers and providers
  • Light or Dark Theme Support.
  • Easy to Brand & Customize.
  • Multiple Payments Gateway Integrations.
  • Multi-Languages Support (including LTR & RTL).
  • Multi-Currency Support.
  • Discounts & Coupons
  • Easy Login & Authentication
  • Managing profile settings
  • Intuitive & User-Friendly Animations
  • Help & Support for customer and service providers
  • Favorites, Wishlist Services
  • Tracking and Filter Bookings


Easy to Brand & Customize

It is extremely easy and convenient to rebrand the app and customize the theme of the app as per your needs.

You can launch an app with your own branding. You can easily change the app color theme, logos, and icons with minimal effort.

The app has intuitive and user-friendly animations built-in within it. These animations intend to provide a smooth app usage experience to the end clients. The animations include – Hero Animations, Parallax Animations, Sliding & Swiping animations.

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Light or Dark Theme

You can choose from a light or dark theme

For your end-user application. It is really easy to switch the theme.

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LTR & RTL Multi-Languages Support

The app and the admin panel support multiple languages

RTL (Right To Left) languages are fully supported. Now you can build your on-demand home service solution in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu, or any other language that is written from right to left.

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Advanced Booking

Booking Management

The customer can schedule, track or cancel his bookings

After the customers book a service, they can track the status of the booking by toggling the booking tab, also he can cancel the booking if the provider is not accepted it. the customer can confirm if the provider start working and finish his work to calculate the duration of service

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Payments Gateway Integrations

The app supports integrations with all major payment gateways

The current version only supports PayPal Gateway. The app also supports Cash On Delivery (COD) Payments upon booking finished.

The product supports multiple currencies. You can create your own currency and then the entire product suite will be changed as per the currency selected.

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We’re Here To Help

Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need

Admin Panel Features

  • Admin dashboards and statistics.
  • Multi Roles and Permission (Admin, Restaurant Manager, Client,…).
  • Stripe & Paypal Payments Gateway.
  • Multi-language Admin panel (English, Frensh, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch…).
  • Social media Authotications.
  • Medias & File Manager Integrated


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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need a service provider that goes

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