App Installation Service Request
Fill this form to request installation service
1- Before submitting this form, should accept the following line, the terms and conditions
2- Make sure you have submitted all the data correctly, any change or update (ex. logo, color, app name, translation...) will cost you amount of 99$
3- Duration of installation start when we receive all corrects info of your apps.
4- If we don't get any feedback about your apps or admin panel when we complete the installation process within two business days, your installation will mark as confirmed. We will upload your apps on google play after that we can't update or fix any issue related to the installation process.
5- We will install the last version when you submit this form, our service doesn't include any upgrade to the new release when we installing the project for you.
6- We neglect all information given outside our support system (Skype message, email, Envato comment or any other way of communication).

Select the installation plan that you did the payment for it ( if you didn't choose the right plan that you have made the payment for it then we will neglect your request )
Select the item that you want to install it you must purchase it from Envato before submitting this form Click here to buy it
Your PayPal email account that you have used to pay installation service.
The app name display on the admin panel, mobile app header
The application package name, its unique identifier app name on google play

What do we need from you?

After you complete the payment process, would you please provide us all information bellow to start the installation for you

Hosting credentials with the URL of authentication, please check twice your credentials

The domain name must be registered and linked with a folder in your file manager

Php version: 7.2.x or 7.3.x

Your hosting must have fileinfo, file_open, exif, proc_open extensions enabled

Your server should allow

Your server must have https enabled on your domain

Your app icon generated from Generate 2 types of icons:

  1. for the main app icon
  2. for notifications

The name of your app, between 1 and 3 words

The main color of your app (Ex: #FFCDD1)

Your gmail account credentials for enabling push notification.

Nb: You can create new one for just notification, and disable double authentication on it

Google developers account credentials if you want to upload the app on Google Play Store.

Nb: Please disable double authentication on it, please don’t send us an invitation to your account

* We are not responsible for google play publication, it is controlled by google.

Please follow the First 1 min to get Google Maps API Key

Google Maps Api Checker

Please check your api before submit the form

1. If you see the message “Geocoding service ok” and a Map of NY with 3 markers, it means the Google API key is ready to be used in our store locator apps
2. If you don’t see the image of the Map, make sure you have enabled the “static Maps” service from the “Enabled API” section

Installation and configuration process time is between 3 and 5 business days after we receive all information above
This duration may extended if the customer didn’t provide the complete and correct information above